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After leaving my 3 bed bungalow, we transformed my new condo after a hard divorce into my place of peace. It was fast and efficent; however they took the time to teach me their tricks of the trade!


-Joan Weaver

After years of having to deal with estates as a realtor, having white elephant handle facets of the possessions, the house was staged and ready for me to take potential clients. Saving me hours in coordinating all of the small details.


-Tom McKenzie

Working with white elephant home made taking care of my father's estate so easy and simple.  I tried, but it was to emotional to deal with.  Every detail was taken care of. Highly recommend!


-Emma Robb

My kitchen and pantry were a disaster! The team was a dream to work with.  My family and I came home to our new and organized space.  A must for a busy family.  I save so much time not looking for things as they all have a place!


-Katie Long             403-542-7040             servicing calgary & surrounding area

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