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We are a team of caring & highly professional organizers that are here to help you every step of the way.  white elephant home offers help and emotional support for what is ahead. Our team prides itself on organization and compassion.  We work with you to go through all of your items; walking you through the decisions to keep what you love, donate items to others and dispose of what is no longer able to re-use.    



Here is a quick look at what we offer:


  • Provide you with one-on-one help to go through your items, room by room, to help you decide what to keep, donate, recycle and sell

  • Create a step-by-step plan with timelines that we can easily follow together that will help you manage complete home transition

  • Hire the right professionals for you who will donate, recycle and dispose of your items responsibly on your behalf

  • Hire the right professionals to prepare your home for its sale or new tenant, e.g. painters, home cleaners, renovators, etc.Hire and coordinate your move with reputable real estate agents, home stagers and movers.

  • Guide you through the after-sale process and help you move into and set up your new home


white el·e·phant can help, contact us today              403-542-7040             servicing calgary & surrounding area

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