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What is Estate Clearing?

Simply put, Estate Clearing is clearing the entire contents of the deceased's estate, however; this is not a simple task.  This process is a daunting task for the executor or any family member left with the contents of the estate.  We handle everything so you don't have too.  Hiring professionals makes the process seamless and less stressful during this difficult time.

How do you determine the cost?

Each estate is different and each family member or exector has different needs.  We offer a in-home consultation to discuss your needs in detail. We walk through the estate and make a personalize assessment for you.  After the walk-through, we will send you out a quote based on your needs.  

How much is a consultation?

FREE.  A consultation usually takes around 1 to 1.5 hours.  

We want you to feel comfortable while discussing the details without the pressure of paying a per hour charge.  

What happens with the contents not wanted by any family member?

We determine the condition of the remaining contents.  Some of the time, the deceased has passed along instructions for a charity of choice.  In situations that do not have specific instructions -  White Elephant Home has charity partners in which we pass along donations on your behalf.  

What other services do you offer?

White Elephant Home prides itself on helping the Estate Clearing process.  We offer the following additional services:

Junk Removal

Property Maintenance

Estate Sales

Home Staging

"Freshen Up"

Please see Additional Services for descriptions of each service in detail.

Need something not listed above?  We can always do a custom addition for your individual needs.

How long does it take to clear the estate?

Each estate is different.  The timeframe depends on the size,  the contents that remain and what needs to be done to the property.  After the initial consult, we send out the estimate time frame in the quote.  If you are in a time crunch - we will do our very best to meet your tight deadline.             403-542-7040             servicing calgary & surrounding area

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