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About Us:


At white el·e·phant home we know it's hard if you’re facing the illness or death of a loved one, you may suddenly find yourself faced with making an enormous set of decisions as you need to organize and distribute belongings that have been collected over a lifetime.  white elephant home offers home clearing services for bereavements and estates.


Discarding of a loved one’s belongings can alternate between being very difficult and very easy. On the one hand it may be difficult because of the sentimentality and the remainder of that person in your life.  On the other hand if can be very easy as you may find there are many things that you have no attachment to.


With compassion, respect and a gentle touch we will alleviate you of overwhelming tasks that need to be managed at this challenging time.  We suggest ways that you can keep items of importance and sentimental and assist you in discarding of unwanted belongings.


We  assist you with the full spectrum of coordinated services required when you’re handling an estate and coping with a loved one’s belongings.  This includes organizing and categorizing all possessions, offering assistance with the sale and discarding of personal possessions and furniture, giving order to existing files for locating important documents and de-cluttering prior to the sale of a home.             403-542-7040             servicing calgary & surrounding area

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